Tribological tests We test for you!

Tauro Tribometer with coordinate table and torque chart in the background
Tauro Tribometer with coordinate table

Would you like to know how efficient your coolants or lubricants are under real conditions?
Would you like to gather actual friction values of your thread cutter or thread former?
Or you would like to determine the ideal working rpm for tool / coolant and material combinations?

Then send us your samples and we test them for you!

We examine your samples with our Tauro Tribometer which has been repeatedly proven in the lubricants industry. The torque is measured and plotted straightaway during machining or forming the thread, whereby we repeat the operation many times for each sample in order to achieve a higher precision of the measurements. You receive from us in this way a highly valuable information as response to your individual requirements.

Our measurement system

  • Our calibrated Tauro Tribometer records up to 1000 torque and depth measurement points at a rate of up to 1 kHz during one single thread operation.
  • The adjustable speed range starts at 50 rpm and ends at 2400 rpm. Depending on the material and tool, we usually choose rotational speeds within the range between 800 to 1200 rpm, if not otherwise agreed upon.
  • The torque reaches up to 10 Nm, what enables working on M8 (M10 in aluminium). Our standard are measurements of working with M6 threads, M4 not being unusual.
  • Realistic working depths reach for M6, depending on the material, until approxima-tely 27 mm. Many cooling lubricants are not able to keep their lubrication capability along the entire range for such depths.

You find further information in the data sheet and pamphlet of the TauroTribometer.

What you get from us:

  • A detailed protocol with the measurement diagrams and statistical evaluation
  • All measurements in binary format
  • A Demo Version of our Measurement and Analysis software TauroLink, which enables you to visualize your measurements and evaluate same further
  • Valuable information for your applications!

The next steps:

Let us know what we can test for you and on which information you are interested.You decide whether you just send us your samples and we test them using proven tools, materials, and parameters, or you send us all material as threading tools and test plates to be used for your measurements. We would be happy to advise you how to gather the relevant and exact information from the measurements.